Abscence of the iris. It is heterozygous affecting chromosome 11 and is associated with other eye defectssuch as nystagmus and cataract.

Cytological Map

The mapping of chromosomes and the karyotype within the cell.

Embryological Development

The time from fertilisation to birth in which an embryo (or foetus) develops.

Gene KO

A technique in which the Organism is genetically modified so that it still carries a full set of genes but specifically targeted genes have been made inactive.


The complete set of information that the organism is based on, in the case of our Model Organisms this is its DNA.


Anormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. Pediatric Hydrocephalus is more common the Down syndrome or deafness.


The study of tumors which, in most cases are related to cancer.


A gene transferred either artificially (by genetic engineering) or naturally from one organism to another.


Is genetically modifying an organism by introducing DNA from different sources to create a different set of genes.

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